Anaerobic Digestion / Digester Gas

Anaerobic Digester Covers /Membrane storage

Varec, gas safety equipment

  • Envirodyne – fixed and floating gasholder covers, radial beam, truss style, floating dual-deck, membrane gas storage

Digester Mixers

  • Envirodyne – draft tube mixers, internal and external

Digester Gas Equipment

  • Varec– gas safety equipment, waste gas burners, explosion relief valves, flame traps, moisture traps
  • OPW – swivel joints for SS digester gas piping

Sludge pumps


Varec, Digester waste gas flare

  • Moyno – progressing cavity pumps

Biogas Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

  • TransEnergy – representing 2G Cenergy, biogas solutions for natural gas, digester gas